Mom Wants To Make A New Toy For The Kids, So She Totally Transforms Their Tv Cabinet

Hi! I have some new home decorating ideas for the kids, that will keep them busy. This plain entertainment center will be transformed into a super colorful kitchen in two shakes!

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15. New home decorating ideas for the kids

My kids are always in my kitchen. Asking 100 questions and

trying to get me to let them  bake cookies at dinner time. I felt like it was time to let them have their own space. So I built a little entertainment centeridea that I had been toying with for some time.  You know it is rather important for kids to be able to expand their creativity and have the freedom to express it, so if I can make that happen for my kids minus the sharp knives and the hot stove, then heck yeah im in!

I am ready to take onthis DIY kitchen project and implement some really crafty home ideas. I wanted to give them a kitchen that mimicked a real one where they could play, cook and clean for their friends to their heart’s content.I feel like this project is going to be my all-time favorite.

With akitchen “blueprint” in hand, I proceeded to get started by removing anold TV centerto a large enough space where I could fit it. Since I already bought the miscellaneous items that I would need (from the dollar store home decor section), I didn’t have to go hunting for much. I could just find all the other smaller kitchen itemsaround the house. I gathered everythibg andnow it was time to get to work.

I had started by drawing and labeling each section of the “kitchen” and what was needed for that particular area on the wood. Then I startedadjusting the cupboards and removing glass from the side panel as well as removing all of the handles.

I then flipped the two cupboard doors below to open, much like an oven and a dishwasher. I try to make it as real as possible. So for the oven, I took out the paneling to allow a window to be put so that my tiny chefs could monitor their baking.

After thatI outlined where I would want the sink and pipe, then I cut the holes out for that too. Those fixtures could be put in last. I tipped the TV center onto its back because I needed to glue the pantry doors and refrigerator doors to the panels (I also had to cut a door in the refrigerator to make a freezer). In addition to that, Icut a small part off of the top to add some more design. This repurposed decor movement was in full swing!

Now that most of the tough work was completed, I started sanding off the entire entertainment center to make sure there were no sharp edges. This also helps prepare it for painting by removing the stains that were there before. Before I added the colors, I applied a white primer to the newly sanded kitchen unit. Then the fun part, painting!I did each different section in bright colors (use whatever paint you have on hand, the kids really don’t mind).

Now it was time for the accessories. Like I noted before, I got some decor help from the dollar tree and my own kitchen. I finished up with all the hoopla that goes into the kitchen; from the stove made out of old discs, a microwave made from an old black box, perspex for the oven window and painted cotton reels for the buttons to turn the stove on and off! I know that my chefs are going to be extremely pleased and very busy!

I hope this gave you some great ideas! Dont forget to like and share!!

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