Watch The Incredible Way She Transforms An Old Dresser Into A Fabulous Decor Piece!

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So I got this old dresser for $38 bucks and I am ready to start using the unique home designs that I religiously record and save.

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15. My unique home designs are about to come to life!

Home decor and craft ideas are easy to say you want to do and easier to put off (for another day).

Where are my procrastinators? Buying or receiving that perfect piece of furniture makes the creative juices start flowing for me.So, I admit I had no idea on how to do any kitchen remodeling until I got to this dresser. I knew that it would make a wonderful addition to my home decor as a kitchen island. My designs must be space efficient because I already own too many things and I didn’t want to have too large an addition and then be forced to get rid of something, or worse, make the kitchen look like a bad episode of hoarders. Understanding that I want to keep my costs down, I try to use the most inexpensive home design ideas while still being able to turn out a lovely product.

Also, there’s the labor issue, I will need help with this awesome home ideas!! So I convinced my dad into being my helper. I don’t think he’s too pleased that I enrolled him in this project, but he will survive this project like he survived the many others.

My father finally just accept the project


In order for your decor to be successful,you must be accurate with what measurements you use and with the space you designate.I had to have the dresser length cut and the height increased (thanks, dad). I also needed a solid piece of wood as well that would serve as a counter top, as well as some paint and wax.Everything else I pretty much had. My dad and my sister love to tease me about my girly home decor tendencies but what can I say…this is my style and I wanted to continue pursuing my dream home ideas!

Anyway, I got the dresser cut, raised to a respectable kitchen island height.

That’s my old dress

Even though no one else saw it, this makeover was so very worth it, even without me putting the paint and fanfare on. I used DIY paint (in a dark blue).It’s made of clay and chalk and the best part is that its non-toxic (which I love). It allows for so many different textures. Then, I enhanced the features with another color (fuchsia pink). This made the kitchen island, something to behold and I still wasn’t finished. After the paint dried (it dries VERY quickly). I waxed the entire thing. Then I buffed it with a soft cloth 12 hours later. Finally using the DIY stain in dark and decrepit (yes, decrepit), I stained the top of the island and it looked like something straight out of HGTV! I can’t wait until we get the bar stools done for it, so stay close and tuned in to my YouTube channel for my next part!

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