When Throwing Away An Old Desk, He Takes Out One Of The Drawers And Repurposes It Into Something Useful!

15Preparing my drawer for the urban rustic home decor treatment!

Ok, so maybe not the urban rustic home decor treatment, but just the turn you into a shelf treatment. I am cutting down the edges that would get in the way of having it mounted on the wall. Like I said earlier, it has to be flat against the wall for it to work and be sturdy.

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This project would be best suited for beginners that aretesting the waters for DIYhome decor projects. So thiseasy home decor ideawould be great to start with. I picked up an old desk drawer offthe side of the road because I felt it could be repurposed into something useful. So I took ithome had a good look at it.I ascertained that I could get a nice little shelf out of it. Decided to get it done, now here I am.

So, I started by cutting the edge off of the back so it could fit against the wall since I felt it would serve me better if it was mounted. I cut the edge off the front part just to use asa decorative addition to the shelf. I am sure that you can find more ways to make it as versatile as you want by checking out those home decor websites, furniture blogs and the never failing Pinterest. As long as the drawer/s are in good shape creative liberties are endless. This little shelf might work well in here if I ever get around to narrowing down my remodeling garage ideas, but for now, I will create the item and take from there.

Ok, now that I have removed the pieces to give me a nice uniformed look it’s time to put in the cleat, because the wood at the back of the drawer was too thin to survive a wall mount (in my opinion). I then put the shelf in. I measured the width and the depth; using a scrap of wood from another item I took apart, andI was able to get one shelf situated evenly using a spacer.

For the shelf, because this is a very smalltask, it didn’t require anything but a little glue to adhere it to the inside of the drawer. Remember the piping that I removed from the drawer earlier on? Well, that’s going to give me a bit of a decorative element to this wall shelf; it’s going to be stuck to the top part of the shelf, giving it an illusion of a roof (if that makes sense).

Finally, I am sanding it down, just the top part though. I wanted the shelf to have no paint on it because I just wanted a light paste wax to be applied (I’m a guy and I don’t know much about decorating ok). To me, it looks awesoommee!! But, I shouldn’t be tooting my own horn!

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