It Looked Awkward When She Poured Cement Into Ice-cube Trays But The Result Was Awesome

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We are going to need some provision pins and a few of these ice trays for our creative home design project! Make sure that the ice trays you select are all the same size unless of course, your decor allows you to have different sizes.

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10. Creative home design for festive table settings using an ice tray and provision pins!

Now I know that the thought of working with cement for

decorating home ideas might put you off a bit.  But, I urge you to enter this with an open mind and some old clothes (you are going to need to be wearing rags for this DIY home decor project) .  My daughter was getting married to her high school sweetheart and they both had just opened a contractor business. So I decided to host the rehearsal dinner, bridal party and do all of the wedding decorating because I knewmoney was going to be tight. I needed to be clever and frugal with the design of the decor all the while not embarrassing my child!

This is where I found this creative design for table settings. I didn’t want to just have a card with a name on theplate. Iwanted something that would stand out and give them some indirect marketing leverage for their new company, all while looking elegant andfestive.

The theme I had in mind was, of course, industrial. That meant that I would have lots of steel accents on white backgrounds. The furniture would be standard and covered with white chair covers, but that wasn’t a great concern for me, furniture was the easy part. The table setting was the most important for us. I wanted the table settings to look phenomenal and I decided on this easy to pull offdesign. I made miniature concrete blocks with provision clips for the name holders (trust me it’s going to look great).

So, to do this I had a small gathering(some family and some friends) in my backyward and spread out some heavy plastic to protect the lawn.I brought out the provision pins, some plastic cups, rubber ice trays, mixing sticks, facemasks, gloves, a bag of sand, a sack of concrete and the garden hose. Let me tell you everyone doubted me and looked at me like I wascrazyfor even attempting this. The jokes about being a pinterest freak were endless hahaha! Nevertheless, we persisted.

I began by making sure everyone had rags, gloves and face masks on before we started our project. Next, we filled a bucket with 4 cups of cement and 8 cups of sand. I mixed these well, then transferred them to somecups for the water and mixing proces. We slowly added water to our cups and stirred until we found that perfect texture for pouring into the ice trays. Then it was time to immediately add the provision pins. Placing them in before the concrete dried and also making sure they were in a little deepso that they would stay upright.

Omce it dried, it was time to take them out of the trays and determine if this was a disaster or a success. We wiggled the ice tray as if we were dislodging ice cubes and they popped out in perfect unblemished squares; it didn’t look too bad at all (for a cheap idea). Ihad hired a calligraphy professional to stencil the names of the guest on the front of the card (while the business name and address were prominently on the other side), and all i can say is, PERFECTION!

Update: The rehearsal dinner was a resounding success and business is booming for all of us (I started making and selling these decorations from home too)! 

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